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Cool Services
Click to open "NetFront" home page.

NetFront is a great company offering all people with a Minitel in France, a direct access to the internet as well as great services & info.
Even if not a hosting company as such, they kindly offered me some space on their Web server to host this Website.
Without their help it never would have seen the day light.

Thanks folks.

Click to open "Oanda" home page. Great if you need to calculate currency exchange rates.
Click to open "Gamasutra" home page.

Gamasutra is from my point of view the coolest game related web site.
Whatever you need to know about games, on any type of subject, from - programming, tools, techniques or jobs - to the great Games themselves, it is there...

Click to open "dpreview" home page. As a freelance Digital Artist, I like and need to know what's up in the world of Digital Photography and video... and its all there with extensive reviews and tests.
Click to open "HotScripts" home page. This is the "well" where I find these little genius scripts which will give the little "plus" to my/your web site. Everything can be found there from ASP, JSC, VB, C++ to PHP and more.
What more can I say except that this cool little one is another very clever way to search and find those needed GEMs on the Internet.
Cool Computer Products
Click to open "Discreet" home page. What can I say here, except that they produce exceptionally powerful and professional tools in which there is my favorite 3D soft.
Click to open "Quest3D" home page.

I discovered Act3D just a few months ago, it is actually a very young company producing a software named Quest3D which is probably the fastest real time 3D engine of its kind. Programmatically speaking it is the most ergonomic "thing" I have put my hands on. Awesome...

What!!! you don't know about Q3D?... Then rush to your closest browser and I promise that you are going to be in for a surprise.

Click to open "Blender 3D" home page.

I have been working with Blender for a few months when sadly the company had a "stroke" which nearly left it flat on the floor. Fortunately with the genius mind of its Genitor Ton Roosendaal, it is acquiring some new blood and hopefully in a few weeks will be revived into an even greater product.

They now have succeeded and... Blender is alive again, stronger than ever. Well done Ton.

Live and let Die - Diamonds are forever

Click to open "Music VR" home page.

Music VR the latest in atmospherical games by Mike Oldfield (At last... there is now a game made of fantastic visuals, astounding music with no "Murder").
Really it is to be seen to be believed.
I regret one thing though, even if my contribution has been "bity-tiny" in proportion to the overall project, Mike generously omitted to credit "outsiders" (freelancers).

Thanks Mike. ;-)

Click to open "Macromedia" home page.

Ooops, I was almost forgetting another great product in my toolbox without which this Website would have given me some trouble... Have you guessed?... Nop... it is not FrontPage™... I leave it to you...

Exquisite "day2day" Products
Click to open "Grand Marnier" home page.

Grand Marnier, Grand Marnier... it is my first Website, a work of "Heart" for the greatest, smoothest liquor on earth. If you are interested in all "things" Grand Marnier, pay a visit to this link to find a wealth of interesting info.

Cheers!! - Santé!! - Salute!!

Click to open Church House  Jewellery home page.

On this web site you will find really interesting and unusual handcrafted jewels.
I have put this link here because Jeremy Heber's creations are exceptionally exotic, original and artistic. He is another great artist for which I wish lots of success.

Click to open "Athens 97" home page. You will find info on the Athens 97 show by Vangelis on this link. Very slow indeed but some great photos as well as the show's programme and athletics events of that time.

All of the artwork featured on this website -unless stated- Copyright ©1984-2006

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